Financial Advisor Marketing: Creating Your Foundation with Vision and Mission

Published: 26th February 2011
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Top financial advisors (as well as top producers in all industries) who have a great advisory business (and life) incorporate a mission statement that is built on principles.

The first step to creating an amazing financial advisory practice and life is to decide what you want. Not deciding what you want, in my opinion, is the most common reason why most financial advisors fail or never reach their potential. Once you decide what you want, you are ready to create a mission statement and a clear vision.

In Steven Covey's book, "Principle Centered Leadership," he shares that your mission statement should include "… four basic human needs: psychological or growth, social or relationship, economic or money, and spiritual or contribution."

Principle based mission statements remain stable regardless of the outside circumstances in the economy, market or political environment. A mission statement that is based on principles should include: values of your financial advisory firm, the niche you serve, financial products and services you offer, how you offer your product or service as well as how your advisory firm gives back to the community.

Step One: Determine the core values of your financial advisory businessHaving clarity on what we value makes decisions easy. Roy Disney shared, "When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier."

Select the top values that govern your financial advisory firm and life.

Identify & circle your top four financial advisory business values from the list below or select others that may better represent your firm.






Community Education


Volunteer Work




Spiritual Connection

Financial Literacy






Financial Security

Include all members of your financial advisory firm, when creating your financial advisor mission statement. Buy-in from your team will do more for execution than almost anything else you can do.

Step two: What affluent niche market do you serve in your financial advisory practice?Be as specific as possible when identifying your ideal niche market, for example traditional affluent women is a better niche market description than all women. Corporate law firms is a better niche market description than simply all lawyers.

Step three: What goals do you aspire to achieve, in your financial advisory firm?For example, the goal of our affluent women niche market is to provide a legacy of financial literacy for non- traditional and combination affluent women. Your legacy may be to educate and advise corporate attorneys and their firms on risk management through disability and overhead insurance products.

Step four: Identify the various roles you offer as a financial advisor to your affluent niche market.Examples may include debt counseling, budgeting support, risk assessments, risk management, tax planning, insurance analysis, life planning, financial analysis and financial planning, investment planning and/or estate planning.

Other services for affluent discerning clients may include concierge services, animal services and care, cosmetic surgeons, medical or dental referrals, travel agencies and anything else your affluent client’s desire.

Step 5: Draft your financial advisory mission statement.

Step 6: Confirm that your draft mission statement compliments your purpose and "why."

Step 7: Finalize your mission statement for your financial advisory firm.For example: Advisor Marketing Practices provides solutions to increase retention, referrals and repeat business for advisors, and the firms that support them, through relationship marketing programs. Our goal is to improve the lives of all of our stakeholders by elevating their business & life. We offer this through a fun, educational learning environment. Our programs are also designed to help improve financial literacy of all clients, especially women.

An example of a mission statement for XYZ financial advisor firm would be - XYZ Financial Advisory Firm provides objective comprehensive life, financial, estate and investment planning services to non-traditional women facing a life transition. Our goal is to provide a combination of programs that increase financial literacy and also provide social connection. We offer community educational workshops each month to ensure financial literacy for all women.

Once you are clear on your financial advisory business mission statement, the next step is to see your future clearly which is done through your vision.

Vision your future!Our imagination often is referred to as our inner vision. When used properly, it can bring you anything your heart desires. Unfortunately most financial advisors (and people in general) don’t possess the ability to control what enters their minds. When our minds and imagination are out of control, the result is a life that is also out of control.

Follow these steps to create the inner vision you desire.

Set your intention

Interestingly, the majority of top financial advisors, we have interviewed, who have attended our advisor marketing practices training, have shared that setting intentions for their day, life and financial advisory business had the greatest impact on their bottom line as wells as their overall happiness.

Create a Visualization Board and BookYour financial advisory visualization board and book is a collage of pictures. The goal of it is to motivate and inspire you to achieve your dreams. Include pictures that represent your ideal financial advisory business, specifically the affluent clients you wish to serve, the income you want to earn, and the impact you make in your niche market, etc.

Include personal pictures that represent your ideal life, too.

Examples include pictures of your family or future family (if you don’t have one), dream vacation spots, favorite inspirational quotes and pictures of your ideal look (physically and mentally), that resonate with your goal.

Each morning, when you rise and evening when you retire, review your visualization book. After reviewing, take a few moments, close your eyes and see your ideal financial advisory firm and life.

In addition, to creating a visualization book that represents your ideal financial advisory business and life, you may also want to create a board. Viewing the board during the day can help to keep you focused on your ideal goals and objectives. Experts agree that visualizing an event can dramatically improve our odds of achieving the result!

Continue to spend time working on your mission and also getting clear on what you want in your financial advisor marketing and business plan as well as your life. Then visualize exactly how it will look when you achieve it.

If you want to learn more about including a strong mission statement and vision in your Financial Advisor Marketing Plan go to the Advisor Marketing System and attend our next advisor marketing webinar.

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