Five Small Business Marketing Strategies To Get Affluent Clients To Love You

Published: 11th April 2011
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By Annette Bau, CFP® Practitioner

Advisors who want to get noticed and selected by wealthy prospects and clients need to think outside the box. This requires specific presentation, media and marketing strategies that will make you visible to your ideal target audience. The industry experts at this year’s Affluent Summit show you how to do just that!

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Make one-on-one time quality time

An excellent Small Business Marketing Strategy is storytelling, which you can use to connect with high net worth prospects and clients on deeper levels-even if you’re not affluent yourself.

My colleague, Mark Satterfield, of Gentle Rain Marketing, is an expert at mastering the art of storytelling. He shares that this marketing strategy is a great way to attract wealthy clients, it is a non-threatening way of engaging affluent prospects in conversation at social events. When done correctly, the results are nothing shy of amazing.

Small Business Marketing Strategies: How to Sell without Selling

Selling without being pushy, aggressive, or sales-y is a skill you need to have if you want to work with wealthy clients. Sid Walker of Selling Without Wrestling has been coaching and teaching advisors and consultants that work with the affluent for nearly twenty years how to achieve this. The low pressure approach he teaches has success rates that exceed 90%!

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Drive Sales with Relationship Marketing

In our interview, Richard Weylman (affluent expert and founder of the Weylman Center for excellence) explains that average advisors spend only three hours a week prospecting. However, top advisors devote 18 hours each week (6 times as much!) to this endeavor. He also shares that advisors wanting to target the affluent need to throw out their USP (unique selling proposition) and bring in a UVP (unique value proposition). Including relationship marketing techniques in your small business marketing plan is also critical to attract and retain wealthy clients. By spending more time learning about your clients and prospects, showing them that you truly care, and delivering solutions that target their unique situation and needs, you will never have to worry about competition.

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Get comfortable on stage

While it’s great to be capable of connecting with high net worth prospects and clients one-on-one, it’s rarely enough to become a top producer according to Dr. Topher Morrison, the best-selling author of Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence. He shares how important perfecting presentation skills are, be it to groups of 2 or 2000. Some of his best advice to connect with the affluent includes bringing emotion into the presentation and making your presentation seamless.

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Develop your media persona

To get all the affluent clients you desire, you may want to consider leveraging TV, radio, and social media.

Wayne Kelly, the owner of On Air Publicity and co-host of the Wayne and Jayne show, on KBS in British Columbia, shares insight’s you must know to build lasting relationships with media sources, such as adding value to your topic. He shares how important being prepared and trained to deliver an A+ appearance is both for your target audience as well as your media sources.

These affluent experts-along with seven others -will be sharing their small business marketing strategies, insights and secrets at this year’s Affluent Summit from April 11-15. This innovative, Web-based conference is a must-attend for anyone who desires to have more wealthy clients. To reserve your spot at this exciting FREE event or to learn how to access the interviews after the event is over, simply register online at

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